- Holewatch/Fairwatch -

welderEmploying a specialty contractor for Fire Watch and Confined Space Entry Attendance has been a growing trend in manufacturing for a long time. Soaring increases in the volume and scope of regulatory requirements, accident and litigation costs, insurance, and, of course, today's most frightening culprit, downsizing, have elevated specialty contractors to a new level of importance.  GP Industrial Contractors, Inc's turnaround services can eliminate the hassle and stress that comes with turnarounds. By providing qualified Fire Watch and Confined Space Entry Attendance, at a price that makes sense. Our turnaround crews are managed by experienced Superintendents with years of knowledge. By using GP, we will provide local, third party firewatch and confined space attendants to ensure safety procedures are properly maintained at all times.

In addition, we will ensure federal compliance, and that immediate action will be taken should an incident occur.

By offering this streamlined service, we make it easier for you to have an "event free" turnaround while saving money.

Confined Space Entry...
Why spend more money than you have to for this mandated cost? GP Industrial Contractors, Inc will provide you with a trained and qualified Confined Space Attendant as needed. Through the use of our services, we will manage this headache while saving you money. Our personnel receive extensive job training PLUS training in your policies and procedures prior to reporting to your site. Supporting documentation is provided to verify employees¹ qualifications and training. We provide you with:

  • Objective enforcement of all site policies and procedures
  • Consistent maintenance and accuracy of the confined space entry log
  • Enhances productivity of all crafts personnel
  • Lets multi-company personnel to work in the space with just one attendant

Fire Watch...firewatch

Everyone has to do it. But, not everyone has to pay high rates.  GP Industrial Contractors, Inc's will provide you with a trained and qualified Fire Watch Attendant each time you need one. Our highly trained personnel receive extensive additional training in your policies and procedures before reporting. And supporting documentation is provided to verify each attendant's qualifications and training.