- Fabrication & Pipe Shop Complex -

GP Industrial Contractors Inc. fabrication facility provides metal pipe assemblies for the gas, oil, and petrochemical industry. Thecomplex included a fabrication shop, small bore shop, fittings/storage, office and administration areas, as well as a paint shop.

The Fabrication & Pipe Shop is staffed with highly experienced machinists, walders and pip fitters.  We provide shop and fieldservices for the industrial, marine, gas, oil, petrochemical and offshore industries. 

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Shop & Field Services include:
bullet Aligning
bullet Component/equipment -installations
bullet Computer Aided DraftingCAD
bullet Computer balancing
bullet Computer Aided-Manufacturing CAM
bullet Industrial engineering
bullet Labor service
bullet Line boring
bullet Manufacturing
bullet Mechanical engineering
bullet Metalizing
bullet Metallurgy
bullet Millwright work
bullet On-line/off-line CNC/DNC
bullet Programming