- Welding and Pipefitting School-

welding suppliesProfessional Services Available:

Welder & Pipefitting Training - Courses are as unique and varied as our wide client base. Professional instruction by certified instructors is available in all processes, all alloys and in all positions.

Each course is uniquely different, custom tailored to suit your immediate needs. Training is available for 1, 10 or 100 hours!
Training sessions can be arranged to suit your time schedules. On site training is also available.

Welder Certification Services - Many forms of certification services are available.
Entry level welders may test for a "seeking employment" ticket with the *T.S.S.A.
Canadian Welding Bureau. Experienced welders may renew their tickets or test for additional certification.
For our commercial clients, we offer a "turn- key" approach to registering your company and certifying welders on staff by the *T.S.S.A.

Our office handles all aspects of this somewhat intimidating registration process with the least possible interruption to your production schedule.

weldingProposals - For clients who have special needs. Each client is presented with a detailed proposal covering all aspects of the training.

Welding & Pipefitting Instruction Environments
Our welde &
pipefitting training methods have a wide spread reputation for being the most efficient from many points of view. Small class sizes, usually only 1 to 5 per class result in maximum instructor time for each student. Theory is the responsibility of our students (books available), the result being maximum "quality arc-time" per class.

and Pipefitting Consulting Services
Production welding efficiency audits, equipment monitoring and calibration services. Non-destructive weld inspection services available by contract. X-ray, Liquid Penetrant Inspection and Magnetic Particle. In the day to day production environment, inefficiencies in the welding shop often go unnoticed, undermining your profit lines. An audit will expose and correct problems resulting in increased production and quality. Costly re-work and repairs are reduced.